Smartphone Credit Card Processing – Selection Guide

Free Dejavoo Credit Card MachineOne of the advantages of offering more than one smartphone processing solution is that, with careful selection, you can be assured that your selection will indeed meet the needs of your business. What you’ll find below is a guide to our top smartphone credit card processing solutions to aid in your purchase decision. Please note that some of these solutions are either free, or eligible for our Free Terminal Placement program. And should you have any questions at all, please give us a call at (877) 964-1622 to discuss your needs.

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Solutions in this category provide merchants the ability to process credit cards on their smartphone by interfacing their phone with their virtual terminal or website gateway. So if you are currently using either Authorize.Net or the Zoomgate payment gateways and wish to use your smartphone to process credit cards on occasion, this might be a good fit for you.

This is a great solution if you use your payment gateway for your website shopping cart or accept orders on the phone via your virtual terminal.


  • The smartphone downloads are free
  • No additional processing charges
  • Great way provide an online merchant with the ability to accept payments on their phone
  • No additional hardware required
  • The Zoomgate Payment gateway is free with many Merchant Accounts giving you a great deal of flexibility. Take orders on the phone, on your cart, or on your smartphone!


  • These programs do not support swipe or print devices.
  • Authorize.Net or Zoomgate payment gateways are required.
  • Tablets not supported

For higher volume, or higher cost smartphone transactions, the Merchant may prefer a swipe solution which would take advantage of lower processing rates. These lower rates are possible when the customer is able to present their card to the Merchant at the time of purchase. Rates for online transactions are processed at a slightly higher rate to reflect the additional risk of fraud.



Your mid-level smartphone processing solution is likely to meet the needs of most mobile merchants. With such a solution, the merchant can efficiently swipe credit cards using their smartphone while also taking advantage of lower “swipe” rates. The additional hardware required is a simple card reader.


  • Inexpensive – Low cost of ownership
  • Swipe hardware makes processing transactions fast
  • Swiped transactions are referred to as “CP” or “Card Present” transactions which can provide the best processing rates for a traditional Merchant Account.
  • Hardware is easily connected, removed, or stored when not in use.
  • Many of these solutions are available as part of our Free Terminal Placement program.
  • Some support printers for iPhone’s and Droids



This category of smartphone processing options covers solutions that generally provide more value that just just processing credit cards. Some of these advanced solutions are geared toward Point of Sale, while others have built-in printers, bar code scanners, inventory functions, etc.


  • Low cost of ownership
  • Feature rich, sturdy solutions
  • Swipe transactions are processed at a lower rate
  • Some solutions are eligible for our “Free Terminal Placement” Program
  • Some have EMV swipe support for the new smartcard standard.
  • Tablets Supported