A Merchant Account, the foundation of accepting credit cards, is one of several “Merchant Services” provided by 1st National Payment Solutions.



What works for one merchant, might not work for another.  That's because no single rate structure is appropriate for everyone.  What's important, is that your solution is tailored to the unique requirements of your business.  To do that, you'll need a Merchant Account partner who is willing to take the time to understand your requirements.

At 1st National Payment Solutions, our account programs are simple, easy to follow, and carry the most competitive rates in the industry. And because we spend the time to understand the specific needs of our customers, it's not uncommon for our merchants to save thousands a year by simply choosing the right plan. 1st National offers you flexibility with customized account structures to accommodate the needs of all business scenarios and merchant types.

As a merchant of 1st National Payment Solutions, you can feel confident knowing that you're backed by Class A Banks and Processors ensuring that your data is secure, the transactions are seamless, service is "bullet-proof", and that your funds are available immediately.

1NPS Merchant Account Features;

  • Personal Service

  • Next day deposits

  • End of month billing

  • No account limits

  • On-line, real time access to your processing activity

  • Live 24/7 US based service and support

  • Free E-Commerce payment gateway

Prior to 1st National Payment Solutions we had our credit card processing service through a local bank. Steven came to us almost two years ago and gave us a quote through his company. We found that choosing 1st National saved us a significant amount of money over the course of a year.
— Sara G. - Traverse City, MI

Frequently Asked Questions


A merchant account number is issued according to the information you provide. Then, a credit card processing application containing your entities account info is downloaded into the device of your choice whether it be a credit card terminal, POS system, smartphone/tablet, or ecommerce gateway or a combination.

Depending on the Merchant Services you choose, (Credit card, debit card, EBT, loyalty, gift and check cards) the associated transactions are run through your device and are securely transmitted through our processing networks to the appropriate card issuer for approval. This is done via phone line, internet or wireless connection.

Once the transaction is submitted, a rapid response is sent back to your device and it will print and/or email a customer receipt.

Encrypted data from all transactions is stored in your terminal and, at the end of the day, or any time you choose, is transmitted as a batch to our settlement bank for the next day transfer of the funds into your checking account.

+ What services are included?

With our standard account set-up, you'll be able to accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover as well as "off-line debit."

Off-line debit cards are debit cards with the card issuer logo and can be taken by a merchant without pin entry by the customer.

Note: If you want to add pin debit and take advantage of the lowest possible rate, it's simple but you must have a credit card terminal that has a pin pad either internal or external.

Merchants can also accept EBT but must provide 1NPS with their state issued number, which is then associated to your merchant account.

Additions to the account listed above include Check Guarantee Services, Gift and Loyalty Programs, and ACH services which enable drawing on customers checking accounts directly.

+ how long does it take to get setup?

1NPS provides same day approvals. Applications processed before 2 o’clock est will receive a live merchant account that same day. Terminals, smart phones and payment gateways can be deployed as soon as the merchant account goes live.

For merchants currently processing and needing reprograms of existing terminals, terminal updates and application downloads, we can generally do all of this the same day either via phone line or Ethernet line.

+ How do you choose the right plan?

It's easy, assuming you have the necessary information. Many merchants have no idea what they are paying because the statements are nearly impossible to read. That’s where our merchant service advisers come in.

We'll perform a complete analysis of your activity and send it back to you as a comparison showing your current providers fees. And if anything is missing or hidden on your statements, we will assist you in obtaining that info from your current merchant account provider.

Keep in mind, both new and existing merchants, you are not making a lifetime commitment. If you choose a plan and it is not working out for your business, you can switch at anytime. We can make those changes for you instantly and most likely you would have already received a phone call by us recommending a different plan as we monitor our portfolio carefully to ensure accuracy and client satisfaction.

+ Multiple machines on one Merchant Account?

Yes this is quite common. Our merchant accounts can be download into as many devices that you need; we simply assign a different Terminal ID #.

A merchant can have multiple fixed devices at their brick and mortar location, smart phone, and/or tablet credit card processing devices while they’re on-the-go, and an e commerce gateway all running simultaneously!

The only time a separate set-up is required is for multiple physical locations. This requirement is for charge back and risk management reasons as communicating incorrect addresses or customer service phone numbers to the cardholder leads to confusion and disputes with the merchant.

+ Can you switch if your'e already in a contract?

We actually come across this more than you might think. Generally speaking, if you're in a contract, you'd have to be prepared to pay an early termination fee. That said, given that we want your business, we might pay that fee for you. Just ask!

+ Will you be under contract and for how long?

Contract terms on our Merchant Accounts are based upon your needs as a business owner.

Depending on the services you need, credit score, equipment and programming requirements, we'll have a great deal of flexibility to create attractive terms for you.

For example, Merchants requiring free credit card machine and POS placements will be subject to longer terms which are based on the cost of the machine itself. 1NPS also offers custom short-term agreements along with free terminal placements for business owners conducting special events and fundraisers.

+ What is Interchange Plus, and how do I qualify?

This program is reserved for established businesses with a high credit card processing volume and a large number of transactions.

The rates and fees that apply come directly from the card issuers, Visa, Master Card, Amex and Discover and do not get any better. You will be taking advantage of the reduced risk that applies to certain types of credit cards, debit cards and checks.

There are many different tiers with low risk transactions which can cost below 1% with transaction fees under 5 cents. There is no better deal available. This program can save your business a fortune.

Merchants interested in our Interchange Plus programs simply need submit their most recent 3 months of processing statements. We can't stress enough how much of a savings can apply here.

+ Do contractors need their own devices?

Absolutely not! Commingling of funds is too messy and inefficient for business owners. Most of our machines and our credit card processing applications have the capability of holding multi-merchant files.

What this means is that each one of your contractors would indeed have their own merchant account. But all of those accounts are combined into one application and together downloaded into the terminal.

Your contractors would simply enter their ID number to get to the proper account and process transactions accordingly. They will be able to run their own reports and perform their own batches as well!

+ Where to get Support services...

1st National’s offices in NY and Michigan are open 9am-7pm est. After normal business hours and on the weekends we have a 24-hour, US based help desk to assist our merchants.

Additionally 1NPS has multiple techs on-call ready to assist if necessary. Service can be obtained via telephone, email or live help system on our website. Expect to receive live personal service for which you can depend.

+ What happens if your system goes down?

First, don’t worry! We are here to help you with our 24/7 US based live service and support.

If the problem cannot be resolved immediately, there are solutions. for example, most of our merchant account applications have a Store & Forward option that can be loaded into a variety of terminal and POS products we offer. So if the error you are experiencing is a connectivity issue, i.e. phone line, internet of wireless being down, you can still perform business as usual as the application will store credit card data in the unit to be processed once the service is restored.

For larger transaction and unfamiliar customers. Merchants can perform a voice authorization to obtain immediate approval. We always stand behind our products and services. As such,if your issue has to do with a terminal malfunction that cannot be repaired via live support, we will do 2 things for you.

  • A replacement unit will be overnighted to you to ensure you are back in action ASAP; local merchants will have a replacement terminal delivered that same day.
  • Any additional fees incurred from voice authorizations or manually keys transactions will be covered by us 100%.