Increase your revenue with Check Processing Services

Accepting checks from your customers has come a very long way. Merchants can now take check payments from most any venue whether it be face to face, over the phone, on their website or mobile. Also, through any one of these methods, services are available that can turn the check into a direct deposited electronic transaction which is verified and/or guaranteed thereby reducing the float, processing time and mitigating risk.

Many merchants are under the false impression that there is no longer the need to accept checks from clients due to the abundance of credit card and debit card availability. Nothing could be further from the truth and if you do not accept checks you could be losing a lot of potential revenue. . A large percentage of the US population cannot obtain a credit card nor debit card due to horrible credit, and are forced to write paper checks or pay with cash to make purchases. Now, even though they have bad credit, you can still accept checks from these potential customers which are verified and guaranteed, and present no risk at all. There is also a large number of people who simply will not shop anywhere whether it be in person, or remotely unless they can pay by check do to fear of credit card fraud. These are also potential customers which you are losing without check services and in most cases accepting checks from your clients is much cheaper than the cost of a credit or debit card transaction so having the option for your existing clients could increase your bottom line even more as a result.

1st National Payment Solutions provides the following Check Processing Services to Merchants.

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