Need a Wireless Credit Card Machine? Here’s some useful information.

VeriFone VX 680

The VX 680 is a terrific example of a powerful Wireless Credit Card Terminal

If you are considering a mobile credit card processing solution here is some useful information for merchants regarding wireless credit card terminals.

Wireless Credit Card Machine

This is a credit card machine with built in thermal printer and a rechargeable battery. The terminal is connected to one of 2 wireless data networks either CDMA or GPRS. These units typically have all of the same feature of countertop credit card machines with the added advantage of being portable.

The Advantages of a Wireless Credit Card Machine

  • Speed – Secure transaction approvals are instantaneous via communication to the extensive wireless data networks.
  • Security- Proven, time tested, PCI DSS, and EMV Compliant card processing technologies.
  • Professionalism- Process lightning fast transactions. Print professional receipts with coupons. Instill consumer confidence.
  • Store & Forward- In the rare event of coverage issues, terminal stores credit card data to be uploaded later.
  • Multiple Applications- Retail, Restaurant, Bar, Tip, Moto, E-Commerce, Check Guarantee, Gift & Loyalty, & EBT.
  • Accept Pin Debit- Secure internal Pin Pad enables the processing of low cost Pin Based Debit Card Transactions.
  • Ready for the Future- Reads Mag Stripe Cards, EMV Smart Cards, Near Field Communication, Contactless, Mobile Wallet
  • DCC & MCP Capable- Multi Currency Processing & Dynamic Currency Conversion allows merchants to accept payments from cardholders in over 60 countries and to have the credit card transaction cost converted to that foreign currency for the merchant.

The Disadvantages of a Wireless Credit Card Machine

  • Up Front Investment- Terminals Range from 3-7 Hundred dollars although free terminal placements and low cost lease financing is available for qualified merchants.
  • Wireless Gateway Fee- There is a monthly fee to connect to the wireless data credit card processing networks. Approximately $15/month

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