Looking for a Smartphone or Tablet Credit Card Processing Solution?

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We even offer advanced smartphone solutions that can scan bar codes, track inventory, and print receipts!

If you are considering a mobile credit card processing solution for your smartphone or tablet, here is some useful information for merchants.

Smartphone & Tablet Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing for smartphones and tablets is facilitated through downloading an application into the device and then connecting the device to a mag stripe credit card reader or placing it into a cradle which has the mag stripe credit card reader and a built in thermal receipt printer. The credit card is swiped through the reader, the cardholders signs the screen, and the information is communicated through the merchant’s wireless network of the smartphone  or tablet to a secure payment gateway for processing.  If both cases a receipt is emailed to the credit card or debit card holder, and printed on the thermal print device if applicable.  In many cases the same secure payment gateway can be attached to the merchants website for E-Commerce Internet Payment Processing.

The Advantages of Smartphone & Tablet Credit Card Processing

  • Convenience – No longer is there the need to carry a phone and a credit card terminal.  This is an all in one solution.
  • Inexpensive Start Up – Mag Stripe Credit Card Processing devices for smartphones & tablets are free.
  • Payment Gateway – Secure Payment Gateway connects to merchants website for on line credit card processing
  • Low Monthly Fees – No monthly gateway fee for wireless credit card processing.  Processes through your wireless carrier.

The Disadvantages of a Smartphone & Tablet Credit Card Processing

  • Speed – Slow in comparison to wireless credit card terminal approvals via wireless data processing networks.
  • Security – Newer technology.  Target for hackers and thieves.  Merchants must be aware of PCI DSS to be safe.
  • Professionalism – Cardholders may be apprehensive make purchase especially if they do not get a printed receipt.
  • Store & Forward – Not available.  If there is no coverage merchant cannot process the transaction.
  • Limited Applications – Can only run standard retail credit card processing applications. Specialized Retail, Restaurant, Bar, Tip, Moto, E-Commerce, Check Guarantee, Gift & Loyalty, & EBT are not available.
  • No Pin Debit – No Internal Pin Pad so merchant cannot take advantage of the processing of low cost Pin Based Debit Card Transactions.
  • Not Future Proof – Device can on read mag stripe cards.  Cannot process EMV Smart Cards, Near Field Communication, Contactless, or Mobile Wallet
  • DCC & MCP Capable – Multi Currency Processing & Dynamic Currency Conversion is not available.

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