Payroll Processing In Traverse City, MI

As a premier merchant service provider in the Traverse City area, 1st National Payment Solutions is constantly sourcing out new ways to pass on additional savings to Northern Michigan merchants and beyond through leveraging our extensive portfolio and long term credibility.


1st National, is proud to announce our direct partnership, with one of the Premier Payroll Processing Providers in the industry. This new relationship affords us the ability and the competitive edge to provide a complete range of quality Human Resource Management & Payroll Processing Services at a fraction of the cost.

1st National has found that many of our competitors in the payroll processing industry charge a premium for this service. Additionally, many merchants are setup with low introductory rates which have increased significantly over time, unbeknownst to the customer.

When was the last time you looked at your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payroll processing bill? There are many line items for which you are being charged that you may not even use nor require, and the processing of the checks, direct deposits, W2’s, Quarterly, 1099 and other reports are most often priced exorbitantly. Imagine what a simple 25% Percent cost reduction on these services would translate to over an entire year. The 1NPS payroll program affords us the opportunity to do that and more!

Just as we do with merchant accounts, we are now in the position to do the same for payroll processing; Save you a small fortune with bottom line pricing; Never raise your rates; Provide local superior service and support! Start Saving Today!!

Why wait another minute?  If you are a merchant in search of Payroll Processing in Traverse City and the surrounding areas, or would like a no obligation rate review of your existing account,  contact us today.