CHARGE Anywhere Merchant Account Plug-in for QuickBooks

CHARGE Anywhere Merchant Account Plug-in for QuickBooks

CHARGE Anywhere® Merchant Account Plug-in for QuickBooks® Process credit cards directly through Quick Books Accounting Software with 1st National's FREE CHARGE Anywhere Payment Application. Avoid being bound to the High rates of Quickbooks Merchant Services! Secure 1st National's Preferred Merchant Account Rates and Fees using our CHARGE Anywhere Plug-in.

Merchants using QuickBooks® Financial Software to manage bookkeeping and accounting, can now process all credit card transactions including sales, refunds, voids, batches etc. directly through the Program. 1st National now offers the CHARGE Anywhere Payment Application, a plug-in that links directly to QB Versions 2005 and newer, allowing merchants to utilize the QB credit card processing feature.

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CHARGE Anywhere Merchant Account Plug-in for QuickBooks

The CHARGE Anywhere® Payment Application is a seamless integration which installs in minutes and supports all of the features within the accounting program. The software processes all types of credit card transactions including manually keyed, automated recurrent billing as well as physically swiped point of sale transactions (with the addition of a mag stripe reader). All transaction data is stored and automatically applied to any open invoices sales receipts etc. Merchants will eliminate the arduous, and extremely time consuming task of manually entered in each and every credit card transaction after the fact, because it is automatically input at the time of the the sale.

Merchants now have a choice and no longer have to be bound the the exceptionally high merchant account rates of the accounting software, manufacturers sole credit card processing vendor. 1st National’s Merchant Account Rates are far superior to that of the competition and the CHARGE Anywhere® Merchant Account Plug-in for QuickBooks® is Absolutely FREE to our merchants. If you are using the QuickBooks accounting software, there is now longer any need for a credit card machine. Turn your computer into a Point of Sale System with the addition of 1st National’s FREE CHARGE Anywhere® Payment Application.

Start Saving time and Money Today!!!!!

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  • Save Time & Money: Avoid double entry of data, by securely processing and capturing all credit card transactions directly through QB & eliminate the double entry of data
  • Process All Types Of Card Transactions: Process Manually-Keyed, Automated Recurrent Payments, and Swiped Card Present transactions
  • Preferred Merchant Account Rates: Save a fortune with the lower percentage rates, transaction & monthly fees of a 1st National Merchant Account
  • Seamless Integration: Installs in minutes and supports full functionality of your accounting software
  • Superior US Based Customer Service & Support


  • Supports Windows 98, XP and Vista Operating Systems
  • Compatible with QB Pro, Premier & Enterprise 2005-2009, & POS Versions



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