DeJaVoo V9 Wireless Credit Card Terminal

Dejavoo V9 Wireless Credit Card Machine

The Déjavoo V9 Wireless Credit Card Machine, with its sleek design and small footprint brings electronic payments to an all new level of efficiency. The Dejavoo V9 Wireless GPRS and CDMA solutions with ZipBee technology empowers your merchant with the features and tools to manage and increase business on the go!


Product Description

Déjavoo V9 Wireless Credit Card Machine

The Déjavoo V9 Wireless Credit Card Machine has traditional swipe capability as well as EMV, contactless,wireless GPRS/GSM and dual-communication capability. The Déjavoo V9 is fully capable of accepting tap and go transactions from EMV and non-EMV cards, as well as traditional magnetic stripe cards while maintaining the highest degree of security available.

Designed for durability, mobility, and longevity the V9 ZigBee technology consumes less power and can initialize into active mode in less than 15 milliseconds. Batteries fully charge in 90 mins and lost for over 300 transactions!

Flexible reporting lets users get the information they need, and how they need it, which simplifies the merchant’s transition to the V9. The terminal’s Store & Forward feature also means that transactions can continue at an unrestricted pace, and eliminates the inconvenience of “cash only” sales or having to manually write down card numbers.

Additionally, the USB port connection makes it possible to complete downloads and installations in under a minute. Updates can be implemented by merchants via a mailed thumb drive or a quick on-site visit

With its Linux OS, Embedded SQL and Value Added Server connectivity, Déjavoo V-Series provides the features that makes the difference and enables improved productivity at the point of sale, increasing profitability to both Merchants and the Merchant Acquirers.

Every terminal model is equipped with a USB port for the convenience of loading new software in less than 1 minute, WITHOUT communications! Connect USB periperals or use the Serial/PIN Pad Port as needed.

The Dejavoo V9 PLUS Wireless Model adds contactless and RFID readers to enable tap and go, and EMV cards. Near Field Communication is currently in our certification process to enable communication to mobile phone and PDA devices. Connect and transmit secure payments at the Point of Sale to Dejavoo terminals. Merchants and Processors transact faster, in a more secured and futuristic fashion in stores or “on the go”.

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Additional Information

Weight 2.00 lbs

Additional Information


  • IP and Dial communication ports
  • Built in Contactless RFID Reader (V9 PLUS)
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) (V9 PLUS)
  • 64 MB Memory
  • Store & Forward
  • Multiple Application
  • Multiple Merchant with Multiple Host
  • Secure Internal PIN Pad or External PIN Pad option
  • Back Lit Key Pad
  • Customized Menu with Up to 20 Programmable Hot Keys


  • Processor: 32 bits secure Microprocessor
  • Memory: Internal Memory – Flash 32M,SDRAM 32M, SRAM:2M (Optional) External Memory – Micro SD Socket
  • Card Readers: Magnetic Strip – Triple track, Bi-directional Smart Card – 1.8V/3V/5V smart card, ISO7816 Class A, B and C Contactless
  • Connectivity: V.90 bis Modem; GSM/GPRS; Ethernet; ZigBee – Optional RS232
  • Ports: RS232, USB Host
  • Printer: 100 mm/sec; Paper Width – 2.25”
  • Modem Speed: 33.60 Kbps
  • Display: 128 x 64 graphical LC with white backlight SAM: 4 SAM Slots
  • Battery:Li-Polymer 7.2V/1A
  • KeyPad: Standard 15 Keys EMV backlit keypad
  • Power: AC100V/240V 50/60 Hz 2A Adaptor Output: 9V/5V



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