First Data FD100 Credit Card Machine

First Data FD100 Credit Card Machine

The First Data™ FD100 Credit Card Terminal is an affordable all-in-one touch screen point-of-sale (POS) terminal solution that combines performance, security and reliability. As one of the fastest, most secure touch screen point-of-sale(POS) terminals available, the First Data™ FD100 easily integrates, supports various communication interfaces, and can be adapted to changing environments and circumstances.


Product Description

First Data FD100 Credit Card Machine

The First Data FD100 POS Terminal delivers high quality transaction processing, and, by using newer technologies, it provides a safe, secure Internet Protocol (IP)/dial-up platform. Compatible with many standard peripherals, all of this performance provides maximum versatility at an affordable price.

Installation is simple, with easy-to-follow on screen prompts. Set up takes just a few minutes per terminal. The FD100 credit card terminal accepts PIN-secured and signature debit cards, credit cards (including Visa® American Express®, Discover®, and MasterCard®/ Diners Club®, Fleet Cards ((including Voyager, Wright Express, FleetOne and FleetCor [Fuelman and/FleetWide]))*), contactless payments, gift cards and checks using TeleCheck® ECA® or paper solutions. The First Data FD100 terminal quickly processes transactions through a dial-up or IP connection, and it generates customer receipts with only the last four digits of the card number to help protect your customers from fraud and identity theft.

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Additional Information

Weight 2.00 lbs

Additional Information


  • Fast terminal downloads using IP or 56K dial-up modem
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption
  • True 32-bit processing (ARM 920T 32-bit CPU core)
  • Verification and processing capabilities for ATM, debit, electronic benefits transfer (EBT) transactions and check payments
  • IP capability with dial-up as connectivity backup
  • Compact design
  • Durable keys
  • Merchant-friendly one-touch feature for daily functions
  • Address verification service
  • Batch history
  • Simplified support and installation
  • Quick and hassle-free drop-in paper-loading system


  • Processor: 32-bit ARM 920T
  • Intuitive touch screen display for ease of use
  • Fast printer capable of 15 lines per second
  • Touch screen capability with 128 x 64 graphic LCD display
  • Three-track magnetic stripe reader
  • Contactless support
  • 64 MB RAM standard memory
  • Five (5) USB ports
  • 3-inch wide thermal roll printer



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