Hypercom Optimum L4150 Signature Capture Device

Hypercom Optimum L4150 Signature Capture Device


The Hypercom Optimum L4150 Credit Card Terminal is designed to meet the performance needs of even the most demanding retail environments. The integrated terminal design provides users with multiple card reading options including Hypercom’s innovative, double-sided, bi-directional magnetic stripe reader.

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Hypercom Optimum L4150 Signature Capture Device

The Optimum L4150 is Hypercom’s PCI PED online and offline approved, high-performance multi-lane payment and advertising terminal. Easy to use and attractive at the same time, using Hypercom’s innovative, dual-sided, bi-directional magnetic stripe reader means your customers won’t have to deal with frustrating fumbles. In fact, you get accurate card data reads well beyond normal swipe-speeds so you can reduce lane slowdowns and cashier interactions.

The sleek, compact design of the L4150 saves valuable counterspace, and its size does not increase when options are added. The bright 65,536 color, 1/4 VGA display and integrated capacitive touch system, that includes a transparent glass top screen, are designed to facilitate customer-activated transactions and to implement campaigns in the lane.

The Optimum L4150 features a 200MHz, 32-bit Intel XScale® processor and multiple connectivity options. So much power, in such a small package. This is how you turn every lane into the fast lane.

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  • Robust, capacitive glass touch screen, proven to provide high performance signature capture in high-volume retail environments, ensures value and reliability with the lowest maintenance and repair costs in the industry
  • Capacitive stylus, with no on-board electronics, significantly reduces the cost for replacements
  • Customizable bezel and large color screen allow retailers to expand their branding directly to the point of service and advertise company colors and logos on the device, which enchances a customer’s buying experience and protects a retailer’s brand investment
  • Advanced hardware and software architecture provides solid investment protection with fast transactions, up to 40MB of memory and Intel XScale 32-bit, 200MHz processor
  • Powered by Hypercom’s flexible and efficient Forms Processing Engine software, with available OPOS, JavaPOS and direct command interfaces, product integration can be achieved faster and at less expense than any other solution on the market today. Updates to transaction flow and screen content are quickly and easily managed due to the unique nature of Hypercom’s application architecture.
  • High performance 200 MHz processor ensures fast payment transaction processing, application and firmware downloads, and can support video animation
  • Flexible communications options including RS-232, Powered USB and Ethernet allows for easy integration with existing POS systems, which reduces the time it takes to develop, test and certify a custom application
  • test and certify a custom application
    • Bi-directional, dual head magnetic stripe reader, optional chip and contactless payments readers, along with an easy-to-use interface help customers check out faster.
    Customer Security on Every Lane
  • Easy-to-use interface allows customers to initiate all transaction types, which reduces costs associated with human error and fraud
  • Scalable transaction framework meets all industry standards and PIN entry requirements
  • Protection against unauthorized applications and PIN compromise attacks via our advanced standards-based POS Public Key Encryption using RSA technology


  • Intel XScale® 32-bit 200 MHz processor — Fast transaction speed
  • Streamlined space-saver — Small footprint
  • PCI PED approved (online & offline) — Most secure terminal in its class
  • Integrated light control filter (option) — Maximum customer security & privacy
  • Hardened glass top — Superior visability and scratch resistance
  • Capacitive touch screen — Supports finger and pen touch
  • Proven Forms Processing Engine — Assures rapid application integration



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