Hypercom Optimum M4100 Mobile Credit Card Machine

Hypercom Optimum M4100 Mobile Credit Card Machine

The Hypercom M4100 Blade is a modern portable solution providing mobile businesses the flexibility and convenience they need to accept and verify payments at any location. Powered by a battery that can last up to 12 hours, the Hypercom M4100 terminal offers superior performance in a palm-size device. The Hypercom M4100 Blade is equipped with tamper-proof security features to protect cardholder information and internal system invasion and provides a backup check-out feature to ensure continuous operations during high-traffic times.


Product Description

Hypercom Optimum M4100 Mobile Credit Card Machine

If your business could be more profitable by accepting payment anywhere, the Hypercom Optimum M4100 Blade mobile credit card machine is the revolutionary portable you should put to work. The Hypercom M4100 Bladeis a fully functional wireless terminal designed for businesses that need to operate on the go, in temporary locations, or at remote points of service. The Hypercom Optimum M4100 features an Intel XScale 32-bit processor for maximum transaction speed.

The Hypercom M4100 Blade reads all types of cards, including magnetic stripe, chip and contactless payment. And its sophisticated battery can handle over 200 transactions on a single charge. Engineered for flexibility, the Hypercom Optimum M4100 can be customized with a variety of value-added software solutions from gift and prepaid cards to inventory control and mapping services.  But its modular design means you only pay for the options you need. Count on Optimum M4100 Blade to help you open new markets, offer more services, increase efficiency and improve profitability. The Hypercom Optimum M4100 Wireless Credit Card Machine is the sure, secure solution for businesses that reject boundaries.

  • RSA Secured
  • PCI PED Approved
  • EMV L1 & L2 Approved

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Additional Information

Weight 2.00 lbs

Additional Information


  • Powerful 32-bit Intel XScale processor for high-speed transactions
  • Lightweight construction — Fits in pocket
  • Modular design — Pay only for the functions you need
  • Powered by batteries that last up to 12 hours between charges and process up to 200 transactions on a single charge
  • Reads all types of magnetic stripe, smart, and contactless payment cards, providing true mobility
  • Utilizes familiar Hypercom software so there’s no learning curve
  • Captures signatures to verify transactions and save you charge-back fees
  • Allows secure PIN entry with ADA-compliant backlit, colour-coded keys
  • State-of-the-art, 64K backlit, color, active matrix screen
  • Engineered with the memory and functionality to accommodate multiple custom software applications
  • Meets global security and communications standards including EMV and PCI PED
  • Provides Triple DES for secure encryption and protection of cardholder information
  • Tamper-proof architecture protects internal systems from invasion


  • Processor: Intel XScale 200MHz, 32-bit
  • Memory: 8/16/32MB Flash, 16/32MB SDRAM (standard) 512KB/1MB battery-backed SDRAM
  • Communications: GSM/GPRS, WiFi 802.11G
  • Magnetic Card Reader: Tracks 1, 2 and 3; ISO 7816; 2 SAM Sockets; Optional ISO 14443 A & B
  • Display: 240 x 320, 1/4 VGA color, resistive touchscreen; 64K colors, LED backlit
  • Peripheral Ports: Client USB; V.90 via optional docking station
  • Printer: Fanfold (optional): Top of the form detection, integrated swappable battery
  • Keypad: Elastomeric: 14 keys; 10 numeric; water splash-resistant; hard keycaps, illuminated
  • Physical: 2.73" W x 5.0" L x 1.15" H: weight
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion, 3.6V, 1150 mA hour capacity; Coin, 3V, 5-year



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