Hypercom Optimum T4210 Credit Card Machine

Hypercom Optimum T4210 Credit Card Machine

The Hypercom Optimum T4210 Credit Card Terminal is the dial up model from Hypercom’s new T4200 series terminals.  It is a low cost, ultra-compact terminal and includes a built-in thermal printer, and internal PINpad for PIN debit transactions. The Hypercom Optimum T4210 is a land-line terminal that operates through a traditional phone line.  The T4210 has a large amount of memory for advanced processing applications or additional services.

The Hypercom Optimum T4210 credit card terminal measures just 3″ wide by 8″ long, and has enough features for just about any retail business.


Product Description

Hypercom Optimum T4210 Credit Card Machine

The Hypercom Optimum T4210 Credit Card Machine has high-end features normally found in only more expensive IP and wireless models, such as 24MB of total memory, an ARM9 processor for fast transactions and also multi-application.  The Hypercom Optimum T4210 is also PCI PED approved so that you can support debit with or without an external PIN pad. Accept chip card transactions with the optional EMV-approved reader.  This makes the Optimum T4210 ideal for magnetic stripe and chip card transactions worldwide. With one of the most slim form factors of any countertop device, it is also perfect for handover environments. The modular design of the T4210 is unique, protecting your investment while you grow. With its large capacity memory, the Hypercom Optimum T4210 accepts value-added applications to meet your needs now and in the future.

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  • PCI PED Approved
  • EMV Level 1 & 2
  • MasterCard PTSP Approved
  • Interac Certified
  • RoHS & China RoHS Compliant


  • Retail and restaurant
  • Small ticket sales
  • MOTO
  • e-commerce
  • IP customers
  • Dynamic currency conversion
  • Check verification
  • Gift and loyalty

Fast, Time-Saving Performance

  • Graphics-capable thermal printer allows merchants to print logos and coupons directly at the point of service
  • V.34 modem provides superior performance for faster downloads and faster data transfers
  • The ARM9, 32-bit processor provides speed and functionality. It delivers four times the processing power and speed of an ARM 7 processor used in competitive devices.

High Value

  • Depot-upgradeable, modular communications provide a flexible platform that can quickly evolve as market requirements emerge. Provides investment protection and are easy to replace for faster service
  • With more memory, 24MB standard, than competitive devices in its class, the Optimum T4210 easily handles software size increases due to regulatory requirements as well as the addition of value-added applications
  • Every T4200 family model is PCI PED approved for PIN transactions
  • The bright, white backlit display utilizes superior display technology to achieve a sharper image for maximum visibility
  • Check imagers, PIN pads and contactless check readers can be connected using the peripheral port to provide more payment choices
  • Secure design meets the most stringent security regulations in the industry, including PCI PED. The HyperSafe®32 architecture provides the ultimate protection against any unauthorized loading of applications.

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Additional Information

Weight 2.00 lbs

Additional Information


  • Powerful 32-bit ARM9 processor for high-speed transactions
  • Fast V.34 modem standard
  • Large ADA-style key layout and integrated PCI PED approved PIN pad
  • Modular communications provides investment protection
  • Designed for the most stringent security regulations
  • SureLoad® thermal printer design with clear lid alerts cashiers to low paper conditions
  • Simple drop-in loading virtually eliminates paper jams
  • Optional EMV chip card reader
  • Color-coded port labels simplify service and support


  • Processor: 32-bit ARM9
  • Memory: 8MB Flash, 16MB SDRAM (standard) 512 KB battery-backed SDRAM
  • Communications: V.34/33.6Kbps Dial Modem
  • Magnetic Card Reader: Bi-directional, Tracks 1, 2 and 3
  • Display: 160 x 80 resolution; white LED, backlit
  • Peripheral Ports: RS-232 for peripherals, PIN port for external PIN pad
  • Chip Card Reader: Optional; EMV 4.0 Level 1 & 2, ISO 7816; 3 SAM sockets
  • Printer: SureLoad® clamshell design, drop-in loading, thermal technology, 384 dots per line 15+ lines per second
  • Keypad: 19 buttons; PCI PED approved; water splash-resistant; 6 navigation buttons, ADA-style markings
  • Physical: 3.6" W x 8.1" L x 2.3" H: 91.44 mm x 205.74 mm x 58.42 mm; weight 1.06 lbs (0.48 kg)
  • Power: AC: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz; DC: 7.5V, 2.8A



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