Ingenico 6780 Signature Capture Terminal

Ingenico 6780 Signature Capture Terminal


The Ingenico 6780 Signature Capture Terminal is the focal point for customer-activated electronic payment, signature capture and customer directed advertising, providing the fastest and most secure customer checkout possible. The keypad has raised symbols to enhance usability for visually impaired consumers. The i6780’s large colorful glass touch screen, triple track magnetic stripe reader, electronic pen and EMV approved smart card reader provide an intuitive customer interface for quick payment and directed advertising at the checkout counter.


Product Description

Ingenico 6780 Signature Capture Terminal

The Ingenico 6780 Signature Capture Pad features a tempered glass screen that is resistant to scratches and damage will not need replacement after repeated use. The i6780’s capacitive screen and electrostatic pen produce the most rugged and responsive implementation for signature capture and touch input, providing complete hand rejection during signature capture and excellent finger touch responsiveness for debit.

The Ingenico 6780 is secure – PCI PED approved and Triple DES capable – providing peace of mind for both the consumer and the retailer. The i6780’s keypad complies with Visa PIN Entry Requirements, as well as all relevant ANSI standards regarding debit security. The i6780’s smart card reader is EMV 4.0 approved, offering optimal interoperability and security.

The Ingenico 6780’s comprehensive array of communication support enables the terminal to fit in any host device, network or LAN environment. Standard host communication protocols include RS232, RS485, USB and powered USB. Ethernet support is also standard.

The optional consumer friendly contactless reader appears as an integrated part of the existing payment terminal.  The decreased transaction times provide value for both the consumer and retailer. The Ingenico Contactless Payment Expansion Module is certified to run with the following three programs: American Express ExpressPayTM;  Mastercard PayPassTM ISO 14443 and PayPass Mag-Stripe Application (tested with eN-Touch 1000); Visa Contactless MSD.

Ingenico’s UNICAPT 32 architecture is a proven, robust and flexible development platform used in over 4 million Ingenico EFT POS terminals worldwide.

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Additional Information

Weight 2.00 lbs

Additional Information


  • PCI PED aprroved and Triple DES capable
  • Tactile keypad meets requirements for the visually impaired
  • Decreased transaction times provide value for both the consumer and retailer
  • EMV 4.0 approved, offering optimal interoperability and security
  • Communication support enable the terminal to fit any host device, network or LAN
  • Large colorful glass touch screen
  • Electronic pen
  • RS323, RS485, USB and Ethernet connectivity
  • DUKPT and MasterSession Security


  • Serial RS232 Auxiliary port
  • Memory: Standard 2MB Ram + 8MB Flash
  • Smart Card Reader: EMV Levels 1 & 2 approved (4.0)
  • Magnetic Card Reader: Triple track reader
  • Display: Glass, TFT color touch screen, 320×234 resolution, 256 colors
  • Connectivity: RS323, RS485, USB, Ethernet Support
  • Keypad: 15-key tactile keypad, with raised symbols
  • Security: PCI PED; ANSI standards; DES & Triple DES; DUKPT
  • Power: Powered from cash registers, USB and stand alone power supplies
  • Dimensions: 7.5" W x 7.6" L x 3" H: Weight: 2 lbs



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