Ingenico 7910 Wireless Credit Card Machine

Ingenico 7910 Wireless Credit Card Machine

The Ingenico 7910 Wireless Credit Card Terminal is an advanced, GPRS-capable wireless device built for the needs of merchants in single-terminal and non-aggressive outdoor environments. The Ingenico 7910 is equipped with a long-lasting battery for maximum transaction processing and a backup modem to ensure continuous operation, the portable i7910 enables merchants to process transactions at any location with efficiency and ease. The powerful i7910 has a compact and light-weight design, and offers mobile merchants a customized solution that provides convenience, flexibility, and reliable service throughout each business day. Its ergonomic, compact design and light weight provide day-to-day convenience, robustness and comfort to the different users.


Product Description

Ingenico 7910 Wireless Credit Card Machine

The Ingenico 7910 answers the requirements of the hospitality and indoor mobile sectors: fast service, long life battery, convenience and flexibility. With its GPRS capability, its quiet and fast printer (easy-loading mechanism) and its long card swipe for optimal reading, the i7910 reduces the total cost of transaction and speeds up the payment, offering the final customers a better service.

The removable LiIon battery pack enables you to use the i7910 for up to 200 transactions, giving you enough power to last a complete working day In addition to the large backlit display, the Ingenico 7910 offers a light, robust and ergonomic solution to make the payment process easy and efficient for the users.  In the event of GPRS network issues, the i7910 and its LinkBox (V34 back up modem) ensure continuous operation. The Ingenico 7910 can adapt to all kinds of applications. When extra memory is required to store data, it features an optional MMC/SD slot. If it needs to be linked to another device, Ingenico’s LinkBox also provides a standard serial port.

With its large backlit display, fast and easy loading printer, long magnetic stripe reader and intelligent Li Ion battery, performance is at the heart of the i7910. The i7910 is based on Ingenico’s 32 bit architecture and provided with an EMV level 2 kernel, it provides fast processing of powerful cryptographic algorithms.;

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Additional Information

Weight 2.00 lbs

Additional Information


  • ARM 32-bit processor
  • 1 GSM & 2 SAM slots
  • Integrated security
  • RS-232
  • Triple track magnetic strip reader
  • External Dial-up modem (Optional)
  • Supports all logical and physical security requirements for credit, debit, and smart card transactions
  • Provides the most sophisticated security features available today
  • Ergonomic, compact design
  • Light weight


  • Processor: 32-bit ARM
  • Memory: 2MB SRAM up to 8MB Flash
  • Communications: GSM/GPRS 900/1800 MHz or 850/1900 MHz
  • Magnetic Card Reader: ISO 1/2/3 (option JIS)
  • Display: LCD, 128×64 pixels and graphics capability, Backlit
  • Peripheral Ports: 2 ea RS-232 for peripherals
  • Printer: Thermal, Graphic Printer 12 lines per second; Easy load with end of paper roll detection
  • Keypad: 18 backlit keys including 3 function keys
  • Smart Card Reader: EMV level 1 approved, ISO 7816 1-2-3, Async/Sync T=0 & T=1
  • Security: VisaPED on-line/off-line
  • Battery: Li Ion for up to 200 transactions
  • Dimensions: 3.77" W x 8.2" L x 2.36" H: Weight: 1.32 lb.



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