MagTek MICRImage Check Reader

MagTek MICRImage Check Reader


The MagTek MICRImage Check Reader is a highly accurate and dependable check reader and imager. The MagTek MICRImage images checks and reads MICR characters in one pass.  Read and image checks, deposit, withdrawal slips and other transaction documents. Supports dual interfaces. Cover slides open for easy-access maintenance. Reads E13-B and CMC-7 MICR fonts.

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MagTek MICRImage Check Reader

MagTek’s new MICRImage Check Reader uses its patent-pending reading technology, ER, which allows for automated confirmation of MICR data. When ER is enabled, MICRImage compares the results of multiple MICR reads, deeming the data accurate when all reads match, or reporting an error to the application when there is a mismatch. ER provides the highest level of confidence in read reliability for electronic check transactions. ER is a standard feature that can be enabled or disabled as required by the application. It Reads MICR data and scans check image in a single pass and can also read E13B and CMC7 fonts. The MagTek Check Imager scans check images in black & white or greyscale using the TIFF file format Its image storage capacity for up to 100 black & white images. MICRImage models includes either two RS232 ports (standard) or one RS232 & integrated Modem. Easy-access feature allows cover to slide open for convenient cleaning of scan bar and check path. No tools required. Attractive ergonomic design with visual cues for ease-of-use and faster training. Optional 3-Track MSR (Magnetic Stripe Reader) for ISO and AAMVA card standards. MICR Image is ideal for all electronic check applications such as NACHA’s POP, ARC, and RCK. A perfect solution for merchants looking to add check truncation and imaging services to simplify check acceptance.

MagTek check reading products are at work reading millions of checks every day in applications from the largest retail chains and financial institutions to the smallest businesses and the MagTek MICRImage check reader is one of the most popular MagTek’s longevity and dedication to the future of transaction technology ensures that all product choices including the MagTek MICRImage and upcoming product needs will always be met. MagTek’s sales experts work with merchant to help them select and implement the appropriate transaction technology and can answer any questions about the MagTek MICRImage check reader.  Furthermore, MagTek’s customer service team provides the on-going support necessary for the successful installation and operation of the MagTek MICRImage and all other MagTek products.  Rely on the strength and reliability of the MagTek MICRImage check reader and all other MagTek products, skillfully built in Carson, CA.

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Weight 1.50 lbs

Additional Information


  • Reads MICR data and scans front image of check in a single pass
  • Reads E13-B and CMC-7 fonts
  • Black & white and grayscale images are standard
  • Image resolution: 200 dpi
  • Image compression: CCITT or G4
  • Image files: TIFF 6.0 (other formats can be made available)
  • Image storage capacity for up to 100 black & white images
  • PEach model includes two interface ports: RS-232/RS-232, RS-232/Ethernet, or RS-232/Modem
  • USB connectivity is also available
  • Optional 3-Track MSR (magnetic stripe Reader)


  • MICR Fonts: E13B and CMC7
  • Magnetic Card Reader: Optional – 3 track, bi-directional
  • Document Size: 4" x 8.5" maximum
  • Check Scanning: Single-sided
  • Check Feed: Single-feed input
  • Peripheral Ports: RS-232 (2); optional (RS-232 & Modem)
  • Physical: 9"L x 3.9"W x 6"H; weight 2.5 lbs.
  • Power: 12 VDC regulated, 1.5 Amps



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