MICROS Point of Sale Hardware

MICROS Point of Sale Hardware

Looking for energy-efficient, superior point-of-sale hardware solutions? MICROS is committed to providing a variety of quality touch screen POS terminal solutions for every environment. The equipment is designed and developed with sustainability in mind; all hardware that MICROS ships is RoHS compliant. Furthermore, several MICROS hardware options are disk-less and operate without a fan, requiring less than half of the energy of typical PC based devices, cutting your power costs by 50%! Regardless of the type of business you operate, MICROS has a point-of-sale hardware solution that will work for you.

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MICROS Point of Sale Hardware


MICROS reaffirms its commitment to providing industry leading Point-of-Sale hardware solutions and touch screen terminals with the new Workstation 5 (WS5). Building on the successful legacy WS4 and alongside the next generation WS4 LX, the WS5 demonstrates MICROS’s unique ability to design rugged, affordable point-of-sale hardware that is easy to install & maintain, intuitive to use, and extremely reliable. The all new WS5 features a powerful processor running the latest Microsoft Windows Embedded operating systems and a large, bright 15″ touch screen display. Other impressive characteristics include standard stereo speakers, 1G networking, MICROS CAL, and an advanced operating system recovery utility. The use of flash memory and passive cooling reduces the risk of costly mechanical failures, and improves system reliability and uptime. Improved I/O connectivity, a new, easy-to-use adjustable stand, and many modular options make the WS5 highly configurable and ready for use in a wide range of applications.

Micros WS5 POS Terminal



Workstation 5 Specs



Since the release of the revolutionary MICROS Workstation 4 (WS4) point-of-sale (POS) terminal in 2003, MICROS has installed almost 200,000 units around the world. With the WS4, MICROS led a transition in POS technology away from complicated and costly PC-based point-of-sale hardware to lower-cost, more reliable solid-state POS appliances and touch screen terminals that provide superior functionality with the lowest total-cost-of-ownership on the market. Continuing that leadership, the Workstation 4 LX (WS4 LX) provides all of the same benefits of these touch screen terminals, while providing a 3X improvement in performance.

Micros WS4 LX POS Terminal



Workstation 4 Specs


PCWS 2010

The PCWS 2010 is a state-of-the-art, PC-based POS terminal. While it retains many of the design features and the overall look of the Eclipse PCWS, this point-of-sale hardware solution is a completely redesigned workstation employing the latest technologies. The fully open architecture combined with abundant connectivity and configuration options make it an ideal choice not only for MICROS POS applications, but for any application requiring touch screen terminals. The attractive, rugged design makes the PCWS 2010 at home in any environment.Micros PCWS 2010 POS Terminal



PCWS 2010 Specs


Keyboard Workstation 4

Modeled after the highly successful Workstation 4, the Keyboard Workstation 4 delivers a robust POS terminal that is low cost, quickly deployed and easy to maintain. Designed for Leisure and Entertainment markets with limited menu items, harsh operating conditions and a large numbers of workstations, this point-of-sale hardware solution is perfect for arenas, stadiums and outdoor serving areas. The KWS4 retains the industry leading embedded technologies first seen in the WS4, including the Microsoft Windows CE .NET operating system, and the MICROS Client Application Loader (CAL), ensuring an open system that is intuitive to install and self maintaining.Micros KWS4 POS Terminal


Keyboard Workstation 4 Specs



MICROS is proud to offer its third generation handheld solution, the Mobile MICROS Handheld POS terminal. This point-of-sale hardware solution has been created specifically for the restaurant industry and is fully integrated with our 3700 and 9700 Point-of-Sale Systems. Mobile MICROS is powered by the acclaimed Windows® CE platform from Microsoft and supports magnetic card readers, scanners, and local and remote printers. This sleek yet robust point-of-sale hardware solution puts a wealth of profit-building power right into your hand.Micros Mobile Handheld POS Terminal


Mobile MICROS Specs




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