PayDock iPad POS Enclosure
PayDock iPad POS EnclosurePayDock iPad POS EnclosurePayDock iPad  POS Enclosure

USAePay PayDock iPad Mobile POS


PayDock is the latest iPad-based mobile point of sale enclosure from USAePay. The PayDock comes with integrated PaySaber credit card swipe technology, stand, power supply and patent locking quick release.

Available accessories include a Cash Drawer, Table Stand, Floor Stand, Receipt Printer, and Wall Mount.

Product Description

USAePay PayDock iPad Mobile POS

USAePay’s PayDock advances the mobile point of sale experience for both merchants and customers. This is accomplished by combining the PaySaber swipe technology with a streamlined iPad enclosure design. The device is made of lightweight hardened polycarbonate with a 6 way mounting option, integrated power supply, and extensions for numerous peripheral items (barcode, receipt printing, cash drawers). This allows the device to function in numerous working environments, including: retail, nonprofit, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and law enforcement.

Other iPad based POS solutions have hit the market recently, but PayDock ensures quite a few offerings that its competitors cannot; distinctively, the backing of USAePay’s secure and scalable mobile API for third party app development. This single point of entry allows clients to focus on front-end development, while benefiting from an accelerated mobile cloud service, for either browser or native based apps, and passing off the burden of PCI Compliance on the Gateway.

Connections on the enclosure and stand allow the iPad to charge when synced with the stand. Quick-Connect tabs allow enclosure to be quickly removed from base for mobile transactions. Using a built-in card swipe, PayDock is the ideal platform for any point-of-sale environment. Can be bolted to the table or used as a free stand with protective rubber feet. Comes in gloss black. Stand, enclosure and PaySaber Clip included. iPad Compatibility: iPad Gen 2/3 – See more at:

Even though the Swiper Clip is compact and very portable it is packed with the highest level of security. You can rest assured that every swipe done with the Clip uses the most secure encryption methods at the time of the swipe and it keeps the data secure and encrypted all the way to the processing gateway; that’s true end-to-end (E2E) data encryption.

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Additional Information

Weight 1.00 lbs

Additional Information



  • Lightweight hardened polycarbonate iPad enclosure
  • Integrated PaySaber credit card swiper by USAePay
  • 4-way mounting solution with quick release locking mechanism
  • Cordless USB power supply through PayDock stands
  • Extensions for peripheral devices – printers & drawers
  • Compatible with iPad2 & iPad3. iPad4 coming September 2013

Card Swiper

  • End-to-End Encryption


  • Weight: 4 .lbs
  • Length: 1.07 in.
  • Width: 12.25 in.
  • Height / Thick: 8.38 in.
  • Base Width: 9.06 in.
  • Base Depth:5.625 in.
  • Stand Height with Enclosure: 10 in.
  • iPad Compatibility: iPad Gen 2/3



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