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VeriFone VX 820 DUET Credit Card Machine
VeriFone VX 820 DUET Credit Card MachineVeriFone VX 820 DUET Credit Card Machine

VeriFone VX 820 DUET Countertop Credit Card Machine

The VeriFone VX 820 DUET Countertop Credit Card Terminal is the perfect combination of design and functionality. This smart solution delivers both a PIN pad and functional base with printer, creating a handover countertop device that provides everything both the retailer and consumer need to pay and be on their way.

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Product Description

VeriFone VX 820 DUET Countertop Credit Card Machine

The VeriFone VX820 DUET Credit Card Machine takes payment to new heights – giving the best of both worlds to the retailer and the consumer. Increased processing speed with a 400 MHz ARM 11 processor and memory that can exceed 500MB make the retailer more efficient. Complete with an ultra-sleek PIN pad that the consumer will find easier to use than ever.

Retailers will love the two in one form factor of the VeriFone VX 820 DUET Countertop. Complete with a printer that’s tucked away, plus optional Ethernet connectivity for lightning fast transaction speeds.

The VX 820 DUET has a large, bright color and touch screen display, as well as the sleek ergonomic design that fits perfectly into the palm of their hand. Plus, retailers are ready to accept multiple forms of payment, from credit, debit and EMV to NFC and contactless – all built right in.

And of course the VX 820 DUET is designed to meet the latest PCI PED 2.0 standards, and even offers end-to-end encryption capabilities with VeriShield Total Protect.

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Additional Information

Weight 4.00 lbs

Additional Information


  • 400 Megahertz ARM11 processor
  • Backlit Display
  • Built-In Printer
  • Contactless Payment Capable
  • Graphical Printing
  • Graphical LCD Display
  • Bi-Directional, Triple Track Card Reader
  • Smart Card Capable
  • Splash Resistant Keypad
  • Touch Screen Display
  • 3DES & AES Encryption
  • Master Session
  • DUPKT Key


  • Processor: 400 MHz ARM11 32-bit processor
  • Memory: 160MB Flash; 32MB SDRAM
  • Additional Memory Expansion: 500MB
  • Card Reader: Bi-Directional, Triple Track
  • Connectivity: Built-In ISDN Modem, Ethernet
  • Ports: Powered USB (client);RS-232;USB 1.0;USB 2.0
  • Security Access Modules: (SAM) 3
  • Modem Speed: 33.60 Kbps
  • Display: 240 x 320 pixel colour TFT, supports upto 26 lines x 26 characters, 8 soft-function keys and 4 screens-addressable keys via touchscreen
  • Printer Speed: 18 lines/second
  • Battery: Lithium Ion
  • KeyPad: 3×4 Numeric Keypad, Keys can be simulated on Touch Screen
  • Dimensions: 173 (L) x 85 (W) x 40 (H) mm



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