ViVOpay 4000 Contacless POS Terminal
ViVOpay 4000 and Hypercom Credit Card Machine

ViVOpay 4000 Contactless POS Terminal

The ViVOpay 4000 Contactless Reader is designed to ensure safe transactions for both the merchant and consumer, and is ideal for retailers who attract and retain customers by how quickly they process transactions.

The ViVOpay 4000 Contactless Payment Device is well-suited to businesses that have a high volume of low-dollar transactions, such as gas stations, coffee shops, convenience stores, movie theaters, movie and video game rental stores, quick-service restaurants, and car washes.

The small footprint and flexible design of the ViVOpay 4000 was crafted to give merchants a variety of mounting options and provide for complete visual integration to POS or ECRs systems.


Product Description

ViVOpay 4000 Contactless POS Terminal

The ViVOpay 4000 Contactless Payment Device adapts easily to a wide variety of existing Point of Sale (POS) terminals and Electronic Cash Register (ECR) systems providing for physical and functional integration with the merchant system and check-out lane.

The ViVOpay 4000 Contactless Payment Device enable customers to simply wave or tap their cards in front of a reader at the point-of-sale (POS). Beyond the terminal, the transaction uses the existing transaction-processing infrastructure. Though the end result is the same as if a cashier had swiped the card, this technology significantly improves transaction speed.

The small footprint (5″ x 4.2″ x 0.7″) and flexible design of the ViVOpay 4000 was crafted to integrate physically into existing and new systems by a variety of mounting options.

With the ViVOpay 4000, merchants with digital signature pads and customer or clerk-facing POS or ECRs systems will be able to start accepting contactless cards and key fobs; generating 20% larger ticket value and a 20% shift from cash and checks. The ViVOpay 4000 is compatible with MasterCard® Paypass™, Expresspay™ from American Express® and Visa® contactless payment programs in addition to private label contactless gift and loyalty cards.

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Additional Information

Weight 2.3 lbs

Additional Information


  • Process transactions faster
  • Increase number of transactions per day
  • Establish competitive differentiation
  • Improve operational efficiency while lowering operations costs
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Deploy the solution fast and at low cost with easy installation and upgrade
  • Low-cost retrofit to current POS terminal
  • Check out quickly and conveniently
  • Help Your Customers


  • Hardware:  Contactless 13.56 MHz
  • Interface: ISO 14443 Type A/B,ISO 15693 Mifare®,Ultralight, IR
  • Height(Unfolded): 5 inches (125.0 mm)
  • Height(Folded): 2.5 inches (62.5 mm)
  • Width:  4.2 inches (105 mm)
  • Depth: .7 inches (10 mm)
  • Operating Temp.: 0 to 40 c (32 to 104 F)
  • Storage Temp.: -18 to 70 c (0 to 158 F)
  • Operating Humidity: 20% to 90% non-condensing Power
  • Voltage: 120 VAC, 60 Hz (US), 220 VAC, 50 Hz (International)



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