Way Systems 5000 Mobile Credit Card Machine

Way Systems 5000 Mobile Credit Card Machine

WAY Systems, Inc. introduces the dynamic New Wireless Way 5000 mobile point-of service terminal. The Way5000 is a new generation of WAY’s small, portable wireless transaction processing terminals. The model 5000 integrates technologies that open an endless number of possibilities. The Way5000 lets merchant’s accept payment anywhere at any time, perfect for merchants on-the-go. The Way 5000 wireless credit card terminal is programmable, runs multiple applications, and can download new applications or updates over-the-air (OTA). Print cash receipts with the MP100 Infrared Thermal Printer, included. In addition to WAY’s standard Credit and Debit Card applications, the way5000 will allow for 3rd party development of a variety of other payment and non-payment services such as; Check, Gift and Loyalty. the Way5000 is one of the best wireless credit card machines the industry has to offer.


Product Description

Way Systems 5000 Mobile Credit Card Machine w/Printer

Way Systems new Way5000 Mobile Credit Card Terminal represents a new generation of portable wireless credit card terminals for merchants on-the-go. Way System’s Way5000 is PCI PED approved for secure transactions. It is programmable, and allows for 3rd party development of useful features like gift cards and loyalty programs. The Way5000 combines low-cost mobile phone technologies with the capabilities of a Point-of-Sale terminal. With a built-in magnetic stripe and a smart card reader, WAY Systems’ MTT is the smallest ultra-mobile point of sale solution with the most payment options. This hand held ultra-portable terminal with external Infrared thermal (2.25 inch) printer (belt clip included), includes a secure, encrypted, end-to-end mobile platform for magnetic stripe and smart card payment transactions. Also included is WAY Systems SecureNet Server, a wireless gateway server that authenticates terminal connections and establishes an encrypted wireless communication channel and provides remote terminal management and maintenance applications.

The Way5000 has rapid transmission times of under 7 seconds, stores up to 200 transactions and offers swiped rates for low transaction fees on all your transactions. WAY Systems offers consistent coverage zones by GPRS transmission technology. The Way5000 is great for onsite home service contractors, plumbers, electricians, transportation/road services, delivery businesses, outdoor craft shows/retailers, and trade shows. For the business person who demands secure, fast, ULTRA portable processing capabilities, nothing else comes close. The new WaySystem 5000 unit comes with an optional external antenae to enhance coverage communication in those areas that demand additional reception capabilities. This new Way5000 terminal also comes with internal PIN Pads capable of processing PIN debit as well as normal credit cards.

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Additional Information

Weight 2.00 lbs

Additional Information


  • Works virtually anywhere a cell phone works
  • Large, backlit display
  • Application and configuration updates over-the-air (OTA)
  • Best mobile coverage available (GPRS)
  • 24/7 Customer Service & Support Included
  • Supports all major processors
  • Comes with External Thermal Printer
  • Easy to use mobile credit & debit applications
  • Optionally supports tip (retail), toll, invoice #, cash receipt, AVS, CVV, Amex CID
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) available allowing for 3rd party development
  • Integrated PCI Certified PIN Pad and Magnetic Stripe
  • DES, 3DES, DUKPT Key Management PIN Encryption
  • Certification: PCI PED PTS


  • Processor: High performance 16 bit microprocessor optimized for low power consumption
  • Memory: 16MB of flash memory (8mb reserved for system, 8mb available for apps);
    2mb of SRAM
  • Communications: GSM/GPRS – Tri-Band 850, 1800, 1900
  • Magnetic Card Reader: Magnetic stripe: Tracks 1, 2, & 3
  • Display: 10-line B&W backlit display
  • Peripheral Ports: RS-232 for peripherals
  • Printer: Mobile Terminal Printer, infrared communications
  • Battery: Up to 50 hours standby time and up to 300 transactions per charge
  • Encryption: PCI PED approved; DUKPT, DES



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