WePay SC40 Mobile Phone Card Reader/Printer

PaySaber SC40 Mobile Phone Card Reader/Printer


The W-ePay SC40 is an all-in-one magnetic swipe reader and thermal printer with bluetooth and serial capabilities. For use with BlackBerry and Android Smart Phones. The device is required when doing retail/swiped transactions using our Wireless ePay software. With every W-ePay SC-40 purchase you receive 1 software license (SWActivation) and 1 roll of thermal paper.

Product Description

PaySaber SC40 Mobile Phone Card Reader/Printer

PaySaber SC-40 Device is a swiper and a printer, it works on Bluetooth and/or a serial connection. This proprietary device, and our Wireless ePay software, is what helps us transform your smart phone into a full-fledged credit card machine. The device connects to your phone (via Bluetooth), accepts magnetic swipes and prints receipts when processing transactions.

The W-ePay SC40 is not phone dependent, which means merchants can switch between phones and the device can still be used to process their transactions.

The Wireless ePay software was written with easy-of-use in mind. The easy select-and-click interface allows merchants to quickly and easily process any form of transaction without problems.  The software also allows merchants to do “quick void” transactions, view previous transaction records, re-print receipts and more.

All transactions being processed through the Wireless ePay software are 100% secure. When the software sends out the transactions from the phone to the USA ePay gateway, it passes all the data through a secure socket layer (SSL) which ensures that all data is properly encrypted and can not be compromised.

The phone itself never stores any credit card data; all data is stored securely on the gateway. The software is also password protected and “install key validated” so if the phone ever lost, or falls into the wrong hands, the software can be “revoked” on the gateway level and no one can use it.

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Additional Information

Weight 1.00 lbs

Additional Information


  • Pocket size(80.25×112×46mm)
  • Light weight(300g) for true mobility
  • Quiet thermal printer
  • High speed(80mm/sec, MAX)
  • High resolution(203dpi : 8dots/mm).
  • UART(RS-232C or TTL), Bluetooth Ver2.1 + EDR interface
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • Graphic LCD(128×32dots) with Blue LED Backlight
  • Intuitive LED’s – Power,Error and Battery status
  • Support text and graphic printing
  • Easier paper roll loading by CLAMSHELL design
  • One touch paper cover
  • Printer door open & Paper-out sensor



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