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Shopkeep POS - Point of Sale SolutionShopkeep iPad POS enables any size merchant to obtain a full-featured Point of Sale System formerly out of reach.

Shopkeep will:

  • Make you more efficient
  • Increase sales and productivity
  • Organize your life
  • Give you full control of your assets and Inventory
  • Grant you access to invaluable information
  • Provide comfort and security to your customers


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Why Shopkeep?  The Features speak for themselves.

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Shopkeep wood terminal

Shopkeep’s versatile system is completely customizable for your business.  It processes secure, lightning fast real time transactions of any type and will even work off line.

Items are added to  orders instantly by simple screen tapping or bar code scanner. Custom modifiers & notes can be used clarification on special orders. Sales tax items, quantities and discounts can all be entered right at the point of sale. Tips can be entered at the time of transaction or at closing. Receipts are printed and or emailed to customers.

Shopkeep terminal with wood frame

Multiple registers work in sync seamlessly automatically updating, opening, editing and adjusting checks in real time. Orders can be sent wirelessly to kitchen printer or bar and checks can be split, merged or transferred if needed.

With Shopkeep management has never been easier. Access your system from any device anywhere to add, edit and remove items, monitor activity and generate X & Z and other valuable reports. Staff members close out their shifts with a few taps of the screen.


Shopkeep ICMP

With the Shopkeep Card Reader your business will be Future Proof and up to date with all EMV and PCI Compliance rules and regulations, giving you the capability to accept all mag stripe and chip cards as well as mobile wallets such as

Apple Pay Logo - Shopkeep

Apple Pay ™ through near field communication.




Manage inventory with ease, regardless of quantity. Seamlessly import large quantity of inventory through a .csv file or utilize a Bluetooth bar code scanner. Organize products by department, category and supplier and  set reorder triggers for low quantities. Detailed analytics and reporting allow you know your best selling items, track costs and profit margins per item and get granular detail of every ingredient using the raw goods tool.


Shopkeep - upload CSV

Shopkeep - net sales

Shopkeep - inventory

Shopkeep - Inventory Focus

Shopkeep - Margin Report


Shopkeep - Top Selling Items

Shopkeep - upload CSV


Shopkeep LogoWith the Shopkeep system, staff management is simple.  Employees clock in and out of shifts with ease using their assigned codes with different levels of access for security. Reporting gives you easy access to hours worked and employee productivity.  You will also be able to pin point the busiest hours of the week so you can schedule accordingly.


Shopkeep - Screen Management

Shopkeep - Screen Management 2


Easily capture customer email addresses at the point of sale by offering emailed receipts to initiate outreach and build a marketing database. Customize the email receipts with your log and trackable links to your website and social media platforms.  Track customers activity but number of visits and purchases over time and using the integration to mail chimp email about special offers and events etc..

Shopkeep - Email Marketing

Shopkeep - Focus Email

Shopkeep Customer Marketing

Shopkeep Social Media

Shopkeep - Top Customers


Shopkeep - AnalyticsShopkeep compiles all the data you need to maximize your profits. You will know everything about your business so each and every decision will be fact based and educated ones.

View total, net and hourly sales and even analyze individual transactions or filter by attribute, department or category.

Master your inventory, knowing which items sell and which to eliminate.

Maximize employee profitability by knowing top performers and rush hours so you can schedule accordingly, intelligently.


Shopkeep - Top Selling Items

Shopkeep Analtyics

Shopkeep - Pie Chart

Shopkeep - Sales by Hour

Shopkeep - Analytics

Shopkeep - Analytics Sales


Shopkeep offers multiple seamless integrations to make you more efficient, effective and profitable.

Use Mail Chimp to take advantage our your captured database of emails and launch an effective email campaign.

Integrate with Quick Books and import all of your Shopkeep sales data quickly and accurately saving countless, hours of data entry.

Reward your customer loyalty by integrating with AppCard to create personalized offers while taking advantage of impressive reporting tools.  Many more integrations to come.

Shopkeep - Mailchimp - AppCard - Intuit Quick Books

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